Big Assigments !

A lot of things to finish. yeah, i’ve been busier these week with those big assigments.  Working on projects, arranging those paper, and ofcourse some presentations. Though there’re lots of assigments, i’ve to manage my time. But acctually it’s kind hard. I did my project -Networking Project, it was took days to finish, from morning till afternoon and afternoon till night.
I was tired,  can’t get enough sleep. Finally, wake up late. hehe :D
well, i don’t mind working on projects and assigments. It’s a challege, and i love it. There’s no more fun if there was no challege right ? Life is flat. I want something crunchy, something colorful in my life. So, those assigments will become my paint. My wall is my life, i will paint it.
and now, i got my life. it’s colorfull. :)
I realize, doing projects and arranging papers make my skill of writing and my softskill much better.  I know how to write a good paper, i know how to work on project, i know how to manage things, i know how to make a good presentation, i get more information about new things, get closer to a real work. Everything will become perfect if you do it seriously, and practice. Practice makes perfect :)
There’re some presentations. With these presentations i get benefits. It improve my ability of public speaking and improve my ability of making a good presentation.  I dont get nervous easly like yesterdays. Maybe because so many presentations i have done. hehe :)
Yup, i still working on my big assigments. I will get final exam on january 24th. Wish me luck !
after completing these assigments and the exam. I’ll be on holiday ~! yeah~! can’t wait for the day ! ^^ and dont forget to pray, hope everything will going fine.


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